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Do something good for yourself!

Yoga means “union”, breathe yourself happy!

Make it possible for you to integrate the yoga practice into your daily life routine and group dynamics.

We are in an extraordinary time: it literally steals our breath, so much so that taking a breath seems almost forbidden.

When chaos reigns in the outside world, NOW is the best time for you to find your oasis to recharge.

Allow yourself to breathe deeply and come to your centre: In the middle of the whirlwind there is silence. And in this silence lies an overwhelming power. Your inner peace is the key to your intuition, which knows exactly how to bring out the best in you.

Do you want to start with yoga, or do you already have experience with it?

Regardless, I invite you to join my Yoga & Pilates online classes!

Be worth it! Invest time in yourself and your wellbeing!

Yoga & Pilates for beginners


My LIVE ONLINE – YOGA & PILATES COURSES are specifically designed for a healthy spine (including pelvis, buttocks, waist, abdomen, back and shoulders).

This strengthens your entire musculoskeletal system, you become fit, your muscles are strengthened, your flexibility is increased. You also improve your posture and relieve physical pain.
The aim of my classes is to relieve tension or pain in order to make everyday movements easier. Let it happen, try something NEW!

I know what I am talking about, I have corrected my pelvic obliquity. You can do it too, everything is possible!
It’s not the length of the practice that matters, it’s the care and continuity you give to your practice. Be there, let’s practice together with the focus on your goal!

Be there, practice and work together towards your personal goal!
YOUR YOGA & PILATES every Tuesday on “ZOOM”.
One session lasts 60 – 70 minutes, every Tuesday at 19:15 on Zoom.

Only for a short time: join 1x for free!

For information and request please contact me.

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For beginners:

– Selection of easier exercise variations.
– Take a breather between exercises at any time.
– Mediations

With previous knowledge of yoga:

– To intensify the holding time
– To bring advanced breathing exercises & bandas into connection with the asanas.
– Mediations

Yoga for advanced


Breathe yourself happy with Atha Yoga and bring body, mind and soul into harmony.

Yoga for advanced With the versatility of ATHA (NOW) YOGA in combination with Yin & Yang – Vinyasa Yoga flows, we will focus strongly on breathing, activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

The breathing exercises and Kriyas are very powerful and help you to let go and relax after a challenging day. Allow yourself to feel your body, become aware of it, strengthen it and enhance your flexibility.

The wonderful Atha Yoga sequences are a gentle yet intense practice, centring and grounding. They are suitable for beginners as well as for those who already have experience with yoga.

I am wholeheartedly looking forward to sharing with you the yogic techniques I learned during my years of study and practice in India.

From 20.01.2022 Yoga online -” Alone you are strong, together we are unbeatable”.

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What is YOGA & PILATES good for?

The yoga and Pilates practice strengthens your musculoskeletal system in a gentle way, strengthens muscles and joints, makes you flexible and strengthens your sense of balance. It calms the carousel of thoughts and helps you to relax. It balances the psyche and keeps the mind alert.

What requirements should I bring with me?


There are no prerequisites for Yoga & Pilates practice. Be ready for something new.

Is there an age limit for YOGA & PILATES?


No! You can maintain your flexibility even as you get older. Beginners who have not exercised for a long time can use aids such as blocks, pads. Certain exercises can also be done with a chair.

Are there other beginners in the course?


Yes, you are not alone

I am very inflexible can I still participate?


Yes, then it is exactly the right thing for you! The immobile parts of the body that are overworked or hardly used in everyday life become blocked, stiff and tense. The Yoga & Pilates practice helps you to become more flexible step by step and to relax inflexible areas for a fulfilled body feeling.

Is YOGA & PILATES only something for agile people?


No this is a misconception. Yoga & Pilates practice is designed to make everyone more flexible and supple.

Does it help to lose weight?


Yes, if you practice as regularly as possible.

Can I use it to strengthen my immune system and increase lung capacity?


Yes, the immune system is strengthened. The autonomic nervous system is stimulated, breathing is deepened and lung capacity is increased.

Hilft es bei körperlichen Beschwerden?


Absolutely! I can speak from personal experience.

Can I use it to clear my head and relax?


Yes, you will learn different techniques that support your organism to relax.